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Charter Review Committee - Subcommittee Meeting - Shared screen with gallery view
Before you discuss your feedback to Alex for the survey, may I give quick public comment on the survey Q5 since you need to do that today?
Thomas Stanley
Thanks, This has been very educational.
Kevin McConnell- City Attorney (he, him)
. Be contiguous;• Utilize existing geographic or political boundaries;• Not divide communities of common interest; • Be connected by transportation links; and• be of equal population.In addition:No district shall be drawn for the purpose of favoring any political party, incumbent elected official or other person.No district shall be drawn for the purpose of diluting the voting strength of any language or ethnic minority group.https://sos.oregon.gov/elections/Documents/Directive-Redistricting-2021.pdf
Kevin McConnell- City Attorney (he, him)
ORS 246.410 requires that a City drawing district lines follow the Oregon Secretary of State DirectivesThe SOS directive, dated September 9, 2021 requires that an electoral district, as near as practicable:
Dana Stroud (she/they)
The phrasing that the CCC had was: “the charter commission is concise ring the idea of dividing the city into different areas with more than one elected leader representing each area. Do you like this idea? Why or why not?
Dana Stroud (she/they)
Dana Stroud (she/they)
Would it be easier to decide who to vote for if you could put candidates in first, second, third (etc.) choice
Dana Stroud (she/they)
Would you prefer an election process that allows you to express your level of support for a given candidate?
Dana Stroud (she/they)
as opposed to the current system, where you just vote for one
Dana Stroud (she/they)
What barriers do you or your friends, family, or community experience when voting in our city elections?
Dana Stroud (she/they)
Have you ever voted for a candidate that wasn’t your favorite candidate , because you didn’t think your favorite would win?
Dana Stroud (she/they)
Question for the end of the survey: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your experience with city elections?